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Professional Director Services

All Singapore companies are legally required to have at least one director who is locally resident. Ressos is able to assist clients in fulfilling these statutory obligations by providing a professional local non-executive director. In doing so, our value proposition extends far beyond mere nominee director arrangements.

Local directors for cryptocurrency companies and ICO/STO projects are short supply, given the significant risk exposure created by any token sale. Ressos provides local resident directors for token issuing and/or ICO/STO operating companies, established in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands, BVI and other offshore jurisdictions.

Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and corporate governance. They bring to the board a set of skills which is complementary to those of the other directors provided by the promoters. Ressos' directors include legal and compliance experts, accountants with a funds background, investment professionals, risk managers and audit specialists. 

Our directors get involved, and stay involved. Beyond fulfilling the statutory local director requirement, they will operate as part of your team, engage with the board and promoters, and make a valuable contribution to the success of your blockchain project or ICO/STO.