Contact us

We recommend that you make initial contact with our firm by email. You will then receive by email an information pack, and the opportunity to schedule an initial conversation. 

Our first conversation will be an introductory Zoom call, for which we charge a commitment fee. The call gives you a chance to describe your project. We do not give any advice and there is no obligation for either side. If we cannot assist you, we will say so, promptly and frankly. If we can help you, we will explain the next steps, timelines and fees.

If you decide to go ahead, we will send you an engagement letter for your perusal and signature. We do not represent clients or give advice without a written engagement letter.

Our engagement letter explains the expected scope of our services and our fees, and provides a legal framework for our cooperation. It allows you to draw upon the expertise of our professionals whenever needed.

We usually work on the basis of value-based fixed fees. Whether you require our full range of services or just specific deliverables, you benefit from transparency and cost control. 

To arrange for a Zoom meeting or appointment, please email us at [email protected].  

We will be pleased to hear from you.